I have mixed feelings about celebrating the achievements of my small and destructive feline friend (as my Dad is fond of pointing out, it cannot logically be reconciled with my opposition to fox-hunting—especially when, as on this occasion, she hasn’t even attempted to get a meal out of it), but I couldn’t resist making a record of this morning’s specimen. That’s a 12-inch ruler.

How on earth did she manage to get it in through the cat-flap?
Nick Barnes

Richard Brooksby’s cat brought a live sea-gull in through their cat-flap-and-tunnel, and then didn’t know what to do with it.


Ours once did exactly the same thing! The sea-gull survived: Andrew let it out of the window and it flew away.

The cat who does these things is extremely small (the big one doesn’t bother). I don’t understand how she manages. And our cat-flap has a tunnel, too.