I’ve always ignored because of its silly name (though perhaps as the Managing Director of Little Pink Cloud Ltd I should be less snobbish about such things). Anyway, today I found out that it’s useful. So I’ve started to use it.

Paul Oldham

Yeah, there’s a lot to be said for keeping your bookmarks away from your browser (just like there is for keeping your mailbase away from your mail client – thank Bob for IMAP) but I prefer to have control of my data myself, so here we use ol’bookmarks running as an application on our extranet server so we can access them from any PC anywhere.

I used to make my bookmark tree public a la but in the end decided to stop as I couldn’t see anyone really wanting to look at it for non-malicious purposes.

(And yes, you’re right, it is a silly name – quite unlike Little Pink Cloud … or The Hug for that matter).


I’m not making all my bookmarks public. This is only going to be for a few that I’d particularly like to show people.

And it’s not a tree. That seems to be important. I really like trees generally but not for this sort of thing. I want tags for this (and for photos, too).